Serving Madeira wines

Glassware for Madeira wine

Wine with high acids such as madeira, is best served in a glass that is not too wide. The glass must be large enough to be able to swirl the wine, and the top of the glass must be slightly narrower so that the aromas are retained well. The Zalto champagne glass is an example of a perfect match with Madeira.

Serving temperature

You never serve Madeira above 18ºC, as it is a fortified wine, the alcohol will then dominate.
Recommended serving temperatures are:

10-12ºC: Madeira of 3, 5 or 10 years
14-16ºC: Madeira of 15-50 years, colheita or solera
16-18ºC: Frasqueras

Serving order

The recommended order of serving is:
From young to old (from simple to complex)
From dry to sweet

Saving an opened bottle

The recommended maximum storage time for an opened bottle of Madeira is as follows:
Madeira, 3 years old: 3 – 6 months
Madeira, others: 6 – 9 months
Frasquera: 9 months


Tip from a Madeira sommelier: always decant Madeira, and then pour it back into the bottle, so that you can easily check the temperature.

Madeira cocktails

Madeira is an excellent basis for cocktails, from fresh and sour to full and sweet. Our advice: do not push the Madeira away, but use all flavors of Madeira as a starting point for what you are adding. For instance:
* the nut flavor can be found in a nut liqueur
* use pineapple, papaya, passion fruit, or apricots for the fruit flavors, fresh or as a pulp.
* with lemon and lime, but also with mint you emphasize the acidity of the Madeira.

Madeira wine in gastronomy

Madeira wine has some great advantages for use in gastronomy:
* it has a long history, there are many stories to tell about it
* it is made in a unique way, there is no wine that looks like it
* there are many different styles
* it fits surprisingly well with various dishes
* the bottle has a long shelf life after opening which makes it easy to poor by the glass
* the quality is reliable and strictly controlled
* it’s indestructible, very old super-premium wines are available