Madeira wine producers

There are eight Madeira wine producers, and each has its own distinctive style. Below are links to the websites of these manufacturers.

This is the oldest winery, founded in 1811. Part of Madeira Wine Company; Cossart & Gordon, Leacock’s and Miles also belong to this house.
Still a family business, run by Michael and Chris Blandy, with the famous winemaker and researcher Francisco Albuquerque.

Pereira d’Oliveira
From 1850. Owns the largest stock of old Madeira’s. The wines are blended with old wines, which gives a them lot of complexity.
The winemaker is Filipe Oliveira.

Henriques & Henriques
From 1850. H&H owns 10 hectares of vineyards.  Famous generations of winemakers have combined traditions with modern techniques.
Winemaker: Humberto Jardim.

Justino’s Madeira Wines
From 1870. The largest winery, does 49% of all Madeira production. A modern, very efficiently organized company, combining classical and modern styles.
Winemaker: Juan Teixeira.

H.M. Borges
A family business, from 1877. Classic style, often surprising, distinct wines, highly appreciated by connoisseurs. Run by two nieces: Isabel and Helena.
Winemaker: Ivo Couto.

Founded in 1946. Madeira’s modern style, this company is experimenting a lot to achieve the highest quality. Tastings are always a surprise. Modern marketing with fresh labels.
Winemaker: Ricardo Diogo Freitas.

J. Faria & Filhos
Founded in 1993.
This is a trading company, focused on large volumes, which also trades all kinds of other drinks, including rum from Madeira.

Madeira vintners
The newest winery, founded in 2013.
A company of women only. Wine with a feminine touch: light in alcohol, light in style. Excellent wine to start with.
Winemaker: Lisandra Gonçalves.