Madeira Wine Educator

In 2019, the IVBAM started the Madeira Wine Educator course, a course recognized by the Portuguese Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries. This training is held at least once a year.

Participants are internationally selected professionals such as sommeliers, wine trainers, importers. To participate, you write a letter in which you state:

  • wine training
  • professional experience with fortified wines
  • motivation for this course

The topics that are covered:

day 1

  •  history of Madeira wines
  •  Madeira’s wine regions
  • landscape, soil and climate
  • the important grapes and their character
  • viticulture
  • visit to wine producers

day 2

  • vinification, production methods
  • characteristics such as acidity, sensory profile, shelf life
  • categories, sweet content
  • systematic approach to tasting 
  • the role of the IVBAM
  • quality control certification
  • tasting session
  • visit to wine producers 

day 3

  • organization of the sector
  • characteristics of producers
  • diversity of export markets
  • tasting session
  • visit to wine producers
  • how to prepare a madeira tasting
  • serving Madeira: temperature, glassware, storage
  • Madeira wine and food  pairing: traditional, cheese, chocolate: demonstration and tasting

day 4

  • technical innovations from Madeira wine
  • scientific research on Madeira wine
  • application of new techniques by winemakers
  • communication and promotion
  • education
  • promotion objectives and strategy
  • mixology, Madeira cocktails: demonstration and tasting visit to wine producers

day 5

  • theoretical exam: 30 closed questions, 5 open questions
  • practical exam: tasting notes of 2 Madeira wines
  • graduation ceremony and final dinner with IVBAM and winemakers