Are you looking for more background information about Madeira wines ? Here you will find tips for presentations, masterclasses and courses on wine and Madeira. As well as recommended books and articles.


Instituto do Vinho, do Bordado e do Artesanato da Madeira.
This is the organization that sets the rules for all wine producers. It also controls the whole process of wine making such as the duration of the “estufagem” (rapid heating of the wine), the amount of grapes that are purchased and the amount of wine that is produced.
In the laboratory, Madeira’s are analyzed on composition and taste.
IVBAM also organizes the joint promotion of Madeira.
Here you can order brochures for your Madeira presentation.

A Madeira presentation

Wijnstudio is a wine school, specializing in Madeira and fortified wines.
Would you like to hold a Madeira tasting, combined with a informative presentation?
Look at the website:
or send an email:

International WSET wine courses

The wine courses from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) are given throughout the Netherlands.
An overview of the locations can be found at:

Online wine course with the international WSET Diploma

Would you like to learn about wine, but time lacks to attempt the course sessions?
Then online learning is the solution!
The Wine Studio provides English spoken online winecourses from WSET.
Each month a new course starts. You will receive a textbook and login code and take part in an international classroom. The assignment will be shared with your classroom-mates and assessed by a private tutor.
For more information:


The wines of Madeira

Author : Trevor Elliot
Language: English
Clear written book in a handy format, with photos .
Order online:

Madeira – the island vineyard

Author: Noël Cossart
Language: English
In-depth information about Madeira wine, particularly on the history of the wine.
Order: ISBN 978-0-578-06647-9

Wijneiland Madeira

Author : Rudolf Pierik
Language: Dutch
Essay by a professor in Agriculture.
Overview of Madeira and its wines.
Order: Wine Bookstore in Amsterdam, or Stockum in The Hague.

The Mid-Atlantic Wine

Author: Alex Liddel
Language: English
In-depth information on Madeira wine, very well structured
ISBN 97818490445

Madeira – the islands and their wines

“the definitive guide to Madeira”
Author: Richard Mayson
Language: English
Information about producers and old wines.
Advice on how to buy, store and taste madeira wines.
Order at: