Traveling Madeira »

At Madeira you can walk along "levadas": ancient irrigation channels. Put on your hiking shoes! Read more »

Viticulture on Madeira »

Madeira is a mountainous island, the slopes are very steep and vineyards are spread over many small pieces of land. Read more »

Madeira wine and food pairing »

Madeira with its fresh acidity and soft sweet surprisingly matches very well with food: with fish, stews, cheeses and much more ... Read more »

Madeira: unique wines, wonderful nature!

Madeira is a volcanic island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Unique wines are made ?there ?that still taste great after 100 years . On this site you will find detailed information about the island and its wines.

Traveling Madeira

Traveling MadeiraMadeira is an island for nature lovers, quiet, far away from mass tourism. The climate is perfect: plenty of sunshine and never too hot or too cold. Ideal for scenic walks among eucalyptus forests, past waterfalls and through spectacular gorges. Read more

Madeira wine

Madeira winesMadeira wines are unique in the world. All Madeira's have a nice balance of crisp acidity and soft sweetness. The wines get their character by slow maturation in a warm place, with lots of oxygen. Each wine will break down by such a treatment, but Madeira is just getting better! Read more   

Where to buy

Where to buy Madeira wineAre you wondering where you can buy Madeira wines in the Netherlands ? We have listed the retailers for you here. By entering your postcode you can see at a glance where to find a store close to you that sells Madeira. It's that easy! Read more »